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rv interiors & furnishings

RV Cabinetry

Replace or refurbish your cabinets with our in-house cabinet shop. Hand-crafted workstations, nightstands, additional cabinets, dining table are just a few of the things you can add to your RV. When it comes to upgrading your RV cabinetry there is much to consider beyond what type of wood or laminate surface to use or what color you prefer. Of course you want your cabinets to look nice and provide a cohesive feel with the rest of your interior decor, but when it comes to RV cabinetry cosmetics are just the surface of your cabinet needs.

Custom RV Cabinets: Cosmetics and Materials

When it comes to the style of your cabinetry and interior decor your options are nearly endless. With our in-house-cabinet shop we can refurbish or repair your existing cabinetry or install pre-made RV cabinets or even common household cabinets. If you really want something unique we are specialists in fabricating custom cabinets from the ground up. Do you want oak, cherry, walnut, maple, ash or some type of specialty wood? Want to upgrade your walls with wood paneling, or replace your countertops with corian, granite, or quartz? You name it we can do it. Their are numerous laminates and color options available and our parts department can provide you with any fixture or fitting you desire. We can provide self closing hinges for your cabinet doors and soft closing stops for your cabinet drawers.

Custom RV Cabinets: Functionality, Security and Safety

Functionality is ultimately the name of the game when it comes to your RV cabinetry. When you hit the road with all your creature comforts, and then some, your cabinets are truly your best friend by providing the appropriate storage for your particular needs. Efficient use of space is crucial in the limited floor plan of your RV. As you become more accustomed to the RV lifestyle your stock cabinets may no longer serve their purpose. In addition to storage, those cabinets are designed to protect what's inside. Due to the constant vibration and occasional jarring movement while traveling in your RV extra steps need to be taken to insure your cabinets are securely installed, and your belongings are safe. You don't want your glassware crashing together as you climb a steady 30 degree incline or step on the breaks abruptly. Do you want to sit under a bookshelf without worrying about needing a hard hat? At OMC our in-house cabinet shop can meet any of your custom cabinet needs. Do you need a special place to store your fishing poles? Want a larger TV and entertainment center, or a secure liquor cabinet, and a climate controlled storage for your bottles of wine? If you really want to get serious OMC can do redo your entire floor plan with custom cabinets, dinettes, new countertops, and flooring. You name it, we can do it.

OMC is the premier RV service center on the west coast for all your cabinet and interior upgrades.

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