Sprinter Van Conversions

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As the premier motorcoach service center on the west coast, OMC has decades of experience customizing mobile interiors for any purpose. Our master technicians and craftsmen are always seeking to improve the mobile work and travel experience by seeking new technologies, materials, and designs to incorporate in to our Sprinter Van Conversions.


Why Convert a Sprinter Van?

Sprinter Style: Originally created by Mercedes Benz, there is no sacrifice of quality in what is otherwise a stylish utility vehicle. Sprinter Vans have a sleek modern look to begin with, but are intentionally designed to be a clean slate for the most imaginative of minds.

Sprinter Ease: Whether you're hauling people, toys or tools, or are in it for work or for play, you can convert a Sprinter Van to meet any need.

Sprinter Choices: Coming in various models, shapes and sizes you can choose the ideal foot print to begin your custom Sprinter Van conversion: passenger vans or cargo vans, long beds, short beds, standard roof, high roof, super high roof, 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, manual or standard transmission, 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder...the possibilities are vast.

Sprinter Reliability: for their size and weight, Sprinter Van’s offer great fuel economy and well known longevity with well maintained vans that can easily get 500,000 miles.

Sprinter Vans for Transporting People

Some of the more common Sprinter Van conversions are simple customizations for hauling people. Whether you’re seeking to increase seating capacity, provide more comfort, safety, or even accessibility for individuals with disabilities, Oregon Motorcoach Center can address your specific need.

Accessibility Conversions

Mobility is defined as 'the ability to move or be moved freely and easily’ (The Oxford Dictionary). This is a matter of great importance for individuals who are dependent upon mechanical modifications and devices like walkers, rollers, wheel chairs, and scooters to access their environment. Oregon has a strong history of advocating for people with disabilities and driving the accessibility act to give everyone fair access to our buildings, streets, cities, and the great outdoors. Sprinter Van installations of mechanical accessibility lifts and ramps are essential for many individuals to commute to work or simply explore the world around them. Custom seating and locking wheel chair and scooter mounts will ensure everyone travels in comfort and safety, regardless of their individual need. At Oregon Motorcoach Center we want to help everyone get out and enjoy all that the wide open road has to offer.

Executive Transportation, Corporate Shuttles, and Limo Conversions

Do you want to travel in style? Whatever your objective, business or leisure, Sprinter Van conversions can provide both comfort and elegance. Traveling in comfort begins with seating and the options for your Sprinter Van are virtually endless, whether you want heated bench seats, or a wrap around leather couch. A series of swiveling captains chairs that rotate 180 degrees are ideal for conducting a meeting or playing a game of cards, or to simply recline with your feet up for a cozy nap. How about an entertainment system? Would you like to listen to music, watch your favorite movie or play video games? Do you need a wifi-network to conduct a remote meeting or email those important documents back to headquarters? Or perhaps you need a Sprinter Van limousine conversion with a refrigerated bar to wine and dine your executive clients on the way to the corporate office. Window shades for privacy and near limitless lighting options can set the tone for any occasion. Natural wood, durable laminates, solid surface granite, stainless steel, durable fabrics, headliners and the highest quality fixtures will add a flair of elegance to any functionality you demand of your Sprinter Van. Whatever your standard is for comfort, style, or professional sophistication, Oregon Motorcoach Center can convert your Sprinter Van to satisfy the most demanding clientele.

Sprinter Vans for Camping & Recreation


Sprinter Van Campers

Sprinter Van conversions are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. With high clearance, a small turn radius, and 4x4 options, Sprinter Vans can reach the most remote destinations that many of your larger campers can’t access. With decades of experience retrofitting mobile interiors for any purpose, Oregon Motorcoach Center’s technicians can meet any specification for your Sprinter Van. Whether you want your couch to convert into a platform bed with storage compartments beneath, hinge mounted retractable bunks, or OMC's unique 3 panel bed system with thin, high density foam pads, for comfort in the most rugged places. Oregon Motorcoach Center can turn your Sprinter Van into a home on wheels. Need a refrigerator, sink, or full dinette with a stove, or even an oven? How about a bathroom, or perhaps even an indoor or outdoor shower to wash off the great outdoors? No matter how rough the terrain, OMC can provide you comfort in any setting. Are you an avid mountain biker, fly fishing enthusiast, or kayaker? Whether your passions take you to the mountain passes for winter sports or our beautiful Pacific Northwest’s Ocean beaches, Oregon Motorcoach can install custom mounts to safely secure any of your recreational toys. Whether you want roof mounts, hanging ceiling mounts, or custom storage compartments, we’ll make sure your gear is safely stowed so you can get to where you need to go.

Sprinter Vans for Your Business

Sprinter Van Conversions for Transporting Tools

A customized Sprinter Van is the ideal tool hauler, whether you’re a plumber, electrician, landscaper or any profession requiring you to take your tools and supplies whereever your skills may be needed. Extra high ceilings and extended bodies allow for customizations to store and organize items of all shapes and sizes. Need custom made drawers to store your 50 different sizes of nuts, bolts and pipe fittings? Do you require OSHA regulated safety locking cabinet doors to store your fertilizers, solvents, paint or any other liquids? Want a raised bed above extended drawers to store your 10 foot spans of pvc tubing and iron piping? Oregon Motorcoach Center is the premier custom cabinet maker for mobile vehicles in Oregon. Our design specialists will customize your Sprinter Van ’s interior to not only provide functional organization of your tools and supplies, but a design that also incorporates ease of movement and access, while assuring safety and security.

Sprinter Vans for Mobile Offices

Are your clients and customers spread all across the state…or many states? Do you need to hit the road to make that face to face contact? Is that commute back to the office just another waste of time and money? Well, why not take that office on the road with you? Mobile offices have been changing the way people do business for a few decades now, and the trend is only increasing. With the advent of wireless technology you’re no longer bound to that brick and mortar building. Oregon Motorcaoch Center can install satellite and digital technology to make your Sprinter Van a mobile communications center allowing you to share files and documents with your business head quarters, coordinate with your extended fleet of mobile offices, and reach out to your prized clients for that meeting reminder. Do you need multiple desks or work stations? A networking hub for multiple computers? A widescreen TV, or a series of monitors for video conferencing? A functional desk to receive your clients directly in your Sprinter Van? With an extended cab we could even make a separate mini reception area. Oregon Motorcoach Center can provide the skilled specialists and state of the art technologies to meet any of your mobile office needs. Contact Oregon Motorcoach Center to convert your Sprinter Van today!

Sprinter Vans for Law Enforcement and Public Agencies

At Oregon Motorcoach we can design, build, and convert your Sprinter Van to support any and all of your agencies needs, including custom conversions for SWAT/tactical, disaster/emergency response, K9 units, tactical search and rescue, forensics, public health and fire rescue. Whether you need tactical secure firearm storage, uniform lockers, repelling gear, scuba, property and evidence lockers, storage for hydration packs, to tactical stretchers. We can customize any Sprinter Van interior and create the perfect space to match any purpose.

Sprinter Van Conversions for the Portland Market

As the premier RV Service and renovation facility on the west coast, Oregon Motorcoach Center has serviced the greater Portland Metro area for many decades. Just a few hours south of Portland, at the base of Willamette Valley, lies what many call the heart of the RV world. One town in particular, Junction City, has been hailed as the birthplace of the RV manufacturing industry and Oregon Motorcoach founder, Bob Lee, has been a rich part of that history for more than 40 years. A quick exploration of the local area today reveals a vast market of options for any RV enthusiast. Eugene, Junction City, Coburg and an extended network of outlying communities, attract RV owners from regions much further away than Portland to tap into this talent base of RV knowledge. Whether your vehicle of choice is a motorhome, camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or a toy hauler, our local RV manufacturing hotbed is a resource providing solutions for RV’ers from all across the nation.

Continuing its legacy of innovation, OMC has embraced Sprinter Van conversions as the latest trend in the evolution of the recreational vehicle. With their versatility, Sprinter Van’s offer more options than simple recreation, and have become the ideal vehicle for businesses of all types. As the business hub of Oregon, Portland provides the greatest demand for Sprinter Van conversions, and as that demand has increased so has the competition for quality service. Oregon Motorcoach Center draws a majority of its Sprinter Van clientele from the Portland region as businesses have sought a proven source of quality vehicle conversions and customizations. Drawing on its rich history of RV renovation and repair, Oregon Motorcoach Center can provide any solution for your Sprinter Van. Whether you’re from Portland, Oregon, Great Falls, Montana, or Miami, Florida, OMC has the established track record of innovation and integrity to meet the most complex of Sprinter Van conversions.

Gallery: A Recent Sprinter Van Conversion

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